What's in My Travel Bag

We’re officially on our way to Hawaii for a family reunion! This trip has been in the making for over 2 years, and it’s so exciting that it’s finally come! As we were prepping + packing, I thought it might be fun to share what I like to take in my travel bag on the flights.

I’m always interested to hear what others are taking (especially their snacks 🙂 ), and probably one of my most searched items in Pinterest is travel packing tips. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have my travel bag packing down to a science yet, but I am on my way.

Now let’s get to the goods! I just went ahead and listed below (and linked when possible) the items I like to make sure I have on me.

What’s In My Travel Bag

01. This is the leather backpack I use, and I absolutely love it. We were able to get it when there was a good sale, and its definitely been worth the price. Its the perfect size to carry what’s necessary (including a laptop or DSLR camera), but small enough to keep you from overpacking. Its worked really well for me to use throughout my  trips both when hiking or just exploring the city.

02. Here is the aqua Hydroflask water bottle I use and love. Its 24 oz and keeps my water cold for over 24 hours, even when it’s sitting in a hot car for a while (which tends to happen, haha). I really like that you can get different lids depending on your preference too!

03. I always, always, always have to take some sort of sweater or cardigan on the plane. Why is it always -50 degrees in there? It’s great if I can dress in layers, like a tank or short-sleeve top underneath, just in case I get warm later on. This is a similar sweater to the one I nagged for this trip, unfortunately I couldn’t find mine online (but I think I like this one better, haha). I needed a light pullover that would match most of my outfits.

04. Snacks!! The most important item of all!! Eric and I picked up soooo many travel snacks for this trip, haha, probably too many. Some of our go-tos are gum, beef jerky, nutter butters, trail mix, pretzels, and this time I packed some grape tomatoes too.



05. In my travel bag I always like to keep a small hygiene pouch with the necessities. Wouldn’t be complete without a travel size brush!

06. Something I more recently started was including one or two of the Neutrogena Make Up Remover Towelettes. They now come individually wrapped which is perfect for sticking one or two in your travel bag. Their individual wrappers keep them moist until use, and they’re so refreshing after a long travel day!

07. I cannot, I repeat, cannot travel without a lotion or chapstick (lotion for the lips!). Gold Bond offers a perfect purse-sized tube of lotion, so I snagged!

08. This chapstick looks so yummy + refreshing. I got it on my birthday and have been saving it just for this trip!

09. Dove Dry Spray has saved me on more than one occasion, especially on those long international flights! From then on, I just like to keep it on me just in case.

10. This setting powder stays in my bag whenever I need a quick touch up. It even comes with a little blender! I use the porcelain shade, AKA the lightest color available.

11. The last things to go in the hygiene pouch are some scrunchies! I try to leave my hair either down or braided while traveling so I don’t end up with a headache (or, let’s be honest, that awkward bump in your hair when you take your pony out). But I always take a hair tie or scrunchy for when its getting in the way.


12. Alright folks, we’ve almost made it to the end! Thank you for hanging in there! Another item I like to add to my bag is whatever book I’m reading at the time. Right now its Let Me Be A Women, by Elisabeth Elliot. I don’t think I’ll ever not be reading one of her books.

13. A notebook and pen are always, always in my travel bag. You never know when you’re gonna need it! Especially for playing MASH on the plane with your sisters :). Eric got me this one in Nicaragua, but here are some cute pocket-sized ones!

14. Last, but not least, I take my phone and earbuds for music + Netflix. I just use the earbuds that came with my phone, but I was also able to pickup an earbud organizer from a conference I attended and its a game-changer. These are cute ones!