waiting for rest

No question about it, Sunday afternoons were made for naps and cuddles. And that’s exactly what we did today…amongst cleaning, laundry, computer work, cooking (#adulting).

If I’m being honest, its been a little bit of a rough week for me, and I’m not quite sure why. For some reason, I just feel spent.

Recently, Eric and I have been extremely busy, with little time to spend together. Eric is reaching the end of his first seminary class, which means lots of writing and studying for the final exam. I can’t even quite remember what I did last week, but I know I just felt like I was going from one thing to the next everyday. Do you ever have weeks like that?

Working for the weekend, am I right?

Happily, Friday morning I was able to go blueberry picking with my mom, and that was a breath of fresh air. It was a beautiful day and it was so relaxing to wander down the rows of blueberry bushes scouring for the biggest ones (the ones I call “Mamma Jammas”) and catching up with my mom. We will be eating blueberries here for weeks, and I’m okay with that. Then, that evening we had a nice time catching up with friends over wine and charcuterie. Why can’t everyday be like that?

Yesterday was Eric’s birthday! The big 2-7. We were able to celebrate with both of our families together. We had a big meal that Eric picked out, followed by ice cream sundaes!  It was wonderful, and fun to celebrate Eric. I love him so.

But now we are both completely tuckered out.

Unfortunately, with as busy as I felt last week was, I still feel like we are entering this week with a long list of things to catch up on. This blog being one of them.

I probably need to work a little harder at my time management skills. That way I can take advantage of every minute I have. Maybe I should work on that this week?

Anyways, amidst the busyness that I know this next week will bring, I’ll be searching for the quiet moments of rest. Let me know if you find them. 😉