I know what you’re probably thinking, “You’re telling me I have to spend money to save money?” Well, it’s always entirely up to you what you do with your money, but I’m just going to share from experience.

So, you know when someone purchases solar panels for their home? That can often be a large investment on the front end, but it saves the owner a lot more on their energy payments in the long run. This is the same type of purchase…just on a lot smaller scale.

These are just a few of the travel products that I’ve found to help save me money (and some help the environment too) throughout my travels. I’ve listed them below along with the specific products I’ve either purchased, used, and/or recommend.


1. Reusable Water Bottle

It saves you money and helps the environement! Bottled water can be pretty pricey while traveling, especially at airports and internationally. If you carry a reusable bottle with you, its easy to fill up at public water fountains or restaurants and its free!

Hydro Flask 

This insulated stainless steel bottle is my go-to water bottle. No bottle I have ever used before keeps my water as cold as my Hydro Flask does! It can be so dissapointing drinking a large gulp of warm water after a long hike. This bottle keeps my water cold and refreshing for hours. Plus, there are dozens of style and color options so there’s a Hydro Flask for every personality. 🙂

2. Reusable Zip Top Bags

How many times have I bought a whole box of Ziploc bags to only use 3-4 on a trip? Too many! I’ve recently purchased a few reusable zip top bags that I can take on my travels. These can easily be cleaned if needed and reused, rather than throwing away a dirty one and getting a new one.

(Re)Zip Storage Bags

These are the bags that I just recently purchased for my upcoming trip. Each one of these replaces up to 300 freezer safe bags! They come in several different sizes and colors too.


3. Reusable Tote

Gosh, if I had a dollar for everytime I wished I had a tote bag with me when I’ve traveled…I’d have enough money for a tote bag! You know, most people don’t tell you that when you are grocery shopping abroad you often have to pay for bags, or none are available. This resulted in Cassie and I only being able to purchase what we could carry in our purse at the time.

Foldable Grocery Bag

These are similar to the foldable bags I now have. They fold up very small so they are easy to pack or clip on to your purse. Then, when needed they turn into a cute travel tote! The flamingo style is my favorite, but the cactus one is a close second.

4. TSA Approved Lock

A lock on your luggage will help keep your valuables safe at the airport, hostels, in luggage storage rooms, and from pick-pocketers!

TSA Luggage Lock

My sister and I each took a couple of these locks to keep on our packs as we were backpacking through Europe. They came in so handy when we’d leave our packs in storage rooms at the hostel while we explored the city, or stacked them in the luggage area on trains. We always felt that our luggage was safe!

Do you have a travel product that has saved you money? I’d love to learn about more!

In the meantime, check out these 25 tips for saving money while traveling. With all of these, you will be traveling to your dream destination in no time!