In just a couple days, my sister and I will be heading out west to go hiking and camping. We’ve been discussing and planning this trip for almost a year and a half! Sometimes it takes a while to make dream trips happen, and when your trips include stops at National Parks, planning ahead is always a good idea.

Our initial purpose for this trip out west was to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.

Then we decided to tack on Zion National Park as well.

The trip will actually start at Zion, where we’ll camp for a few days. Here we plan to hike Angels Landing and the Narrows. These are some beautiful (and slightly dangerous) hikes that we’re excited to finally experience!

Angels Landing

After Zion, Lori and I are going to drive up to Lake Powell where we’ll paddle board through the slot canyons and camp on Antelope Island. The water will be cold, but I think it will be worth it. 🙂

After Lake Powell, we’re going to head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We’re planning to stay a night right outside the park in a little inn. We’ll prepare our packs and get a good night sleep before beginning the rim to rim hike.

Lake Powell

We had planned on taking the corridor trails from the North Rim to the South Rim. Hiking it over 4 days would make the trip more leisurely and allow us time to explore the canyon a bit. Unfortunately, both of our Backcountry Permits were denied. Nooo!! So depressing.

But that didn’t stop us!

I enlisted my sister and mom to help me call the Phantom Ranch reservation center and check their general availability online. We probably called them 200 times, and that is seriously not an exaggeration. Finally, we secured 2 beds in the Phantom Ranch female dorms, so we’ll be hiking the trail in two days!

Once we reach the South Rim, we’ve got a couple nights reserved at one of the lodges so we can enjoy the view and Grand Canyon Village for a bit. Then we’ll be hitching a ride with the Trans Canyon Shuttle to return to the North Rim and make our way to St. George before flying out the next day.

It’s a packed trip and we’ll probably be completely exhausted when we get home. But, when you live in Florida and finally make it out to the Western states, you’ve got to take advantage of every minute!

Over the whole trip we’ll be making our way through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Here’s a peak at our route.


Well, that’s pretty much the gist of it. Stay tuned to hear about how it goes, or hop over to my blog’s Instagram to see some highlights of the trip so far.