Well, I guess its about time I sit down and write this post on our recent trip to Ireland. The trip, while quick, was absolutely incredible and Eric and I made some unforgettable memories and yet, I’ve been so daunted to write about it. I guess I’m afraid I’ll miss something, or not portray it correctly.

So, I decided I’m going to keep this post simple. Below I’m just sharing a list of a few things that we loved about our time in Ireland; things I don’t ever want us to forget.

Later on I’ll write up some more information on how much our trip cost and some tips for you for your trip to Ireland! In the meantime, however, I hope you enjoy this simplified travel post and some of my favorite photos from our travels across the pond. 🙂

Things We Loved &  Don’t Want to Forget About Our Time in Ireland

  • Driving on the opposite side of the road was scary at first, but super exciting too!
  • Once we got out of the city of Dublin, everywhere we looked were rolling green hills, fields of sheep and cows, and quaint stone cottages with diamond pane windows.
  • It was so, so cold! But we were properly prepared with our puffy jackets and fleece gloves.
  • Our car was super small and could only fit one carry-on bag in the trunk, so we put everything else in the backseat.
  • We stopped for croissants on the way to our cottage on the first day and they were so good after eating airport and airplane food for 2 days!

  • We got stuck behind a herd of big red cows on a small country road near the coast of Ireland and it was so picturesque.
  • Our cottage had a small stove fireplace in the living room and Eric made a fire.
  • The only “amenity” listed in the AirBnB handbook was a watering can!
  • Our first night we went to a small market in Ballyvaughn and picked up items to make bacon, eggs, and sauteed onions/peppers. We also got some ice cream.
  • We went on a beautiful hike at Burren National Park and everything was covered in dark green moss like the movies.

  • At the beginning of the hike there was a herd of horses all laying down and sleeping and I don’t think I’ve ever seen horses laying down in person before.
  • We ate beef jerky and grapes for lunch that day.
  • The drive to Galway was along the Wild Atlantic Way and we passed a castle and several little villages with stone cottages.
  • The streets of Galway at the city center have string lights running over your heads and there were street performers singing Irish songs.
  • We went to The Kings Head Pub for the live music, which we thought would be traditional music but it turned out to be a Queen cover band.
  • One of the ladies sitting next to us at the pub told us to get ready for the “best night of our life” and it was.
  • We danced until past 1 in the morning and I’ve never danced with Eric that much, and I loved it.

  • Eric and I decided to take the long way to the Cliffs of Moher and it led us along the Wild Atlantic Way through small towns and villages.
  • We stopped at a little chocolate shop and discussed Irish history with the chocoletier (the nicest gentelmen) for about 45 minutes, and we bought a lot of chocolate bars and some hot chocolate for the road. 🙂
  • The road led us past two tall waterfalls that we pulled over for and it was so beautiful.
  • We stopped at Fanore beach and talked with some surfers for a bit and then watched them surf in 40 degree (Fahrenheit) water un-phased. We also took some photos together and Eric filmed me walking on the bluff and I tripped on a hidden wire and fell! Eric and I laughed until we cried.
  • Before we got to the Cliffs of Moher, we saw the Mini Cliffs that were spectacular too and fun to walk around.
  • At first the Cliffs of Moher were very foggy and we couldn’t see past 10 feet, but then the clouds rolled open and the sun came through and we could finally see the vast and breathtaking cliffs!
  • We walked along the cliffs for a few hours with our friends and there were fields of sheep on one side and the giant cliffs down to the Atlantic ocean on the other.

  • In the evening, Eric and I went to a small local pub for some traditional Irish music and we met the kindest Irish gentleman and he gave me his seat to listen to the music. We talked with him for a long time about Ireland, our families, and our futures, then he hugged us good-bye and left.
  • In the morning we went to a really neat outdoor cafe with our friends and I got a chocolate croissant (the fourth one of the trip) and hot chocolate.
  • Our last day we spent in Dublin and enjoyed some traditional Irish music again that night, and locals were dancing to the live music and it was absolutely wonderful.