One thing that Florida has in the bag is water, in all forms. Beaches, rivers, lakes, ponds, rain, humidity…Florida’s got it. So why not embrace it? Eric and I have been talking about going kayaking or canoeing for what seems like months, and we finally made it happen!

Wekiwa Springs State Park is only about 30 minutes away from where we live in Orlando and it boasts a beautiful spring and river where you can swim, go tubing, kayak or canoe. We’ve been to the springs several times before to swim and go tubing but we hadn’t taken advantage of the canoeing option yet, and now that we’ve experienced it, we’re hooked! A few weeks ago I was feeling kind of down and Eric surprised me with a day full of activities I’d been wanting to do, and you can probably guess that canoeing was one of them. You can read here about what else we did that day.

Its only about $6.00 a vehicle to get in the park and then another $20 to rent the canoe/kayak for 2 hours, with an addition $5 charged for every hour after that. The river is long and has a couple forks so you can actually go out for a while, but we chose to canoe to Wekiva Island. Its takes about 30 minutes to canoe up to the island where we took a break and enjoyed the view for a bit before heading back. There is an outdoor restaurant and food kiosk on the island so you can sit down on the deck and watch the other water lovers as you enjoy a nice beverage and snack. It takes about 45 minutes to canoe back to the state park, because you are traveling upstream.

The weather was perfect and the scenery was stunning. We saw five alligators and too many turtles to count! I can’t wait to go back.