My mom is an avid plant lover and I am a woman after my mom’s own heart. Growing up, every chance she had my mom would go to the local nursery, often with her kids in tow.  She’s instilled in me a love for gardening and Apenberry’s nursery in Winter Park has helped keep that love alive.

Back when Eric and I first moved into our apartment I had dreams of creating our own little garden oasis on our  patio. My mom and went to Apenberry’s and I went crazy buying plants! I think I got about 15 plants, including a larger Jasmine plant, and several pots all for under $100, so I think they’re pretty affordable. I’ve been a fan of them ever since.

All of the employees are so knowledgable about the plants and can give you tips on planting and sustain them. They have sever indoor plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees. Of course they have a wide selection of gardening supplies and some beautiful pots.

My family recently visited the nursery for my mom’s birthday (YAY!) and we came home with three new pretties, including an Oregano plant. I transplanted all of them into slightly larger pots and they have all grow quite a bit in just a couple weeks!