We're Moving!

We’re moving!!! Eric and I spent the better part of 2019 house hunting, and even though it felt like we were facing disappointment after disappointment, the Lord had a plan. Doesn’t He always?

While we haven’t found the right house to make our home, we’ve found a beautiful new apartment that looks like it will be perfect for us in our next season. It’s a much bigger than our current place, comes with a garage, and the best part is it’s in the same complex as some of our family!

When we moved into our first apartment, we were newlyweds, trying not to spend too much money right away. So many of our friends and family helped us by gifting us furniture for our little place. With those pieces, along with some DIY projects, and craigslist scores, our apartment became a home for us!

Three quick years later and we’re now moving into a new place in just a few weeks! It’s super exciting for us, but also a little sad to say good bye to our current home. I have a terrible time with change, so I’ve already cried a bit, haha.

Anyways, I feel like with our current place I had so many ideas of projects and styles I wanted to implement into our apartment. Most of them I never completed out of fear of failure, or just waiting until the perfect time or perfect piece of furniture came along.

With this new place, I’ve decided I’m just going to go for it! So, Eric and I together came up with some style ideas we have for our new home. You’ll probably notice its greatly influenced by our recent trip to Hawaii. When we were there, we both felt so at peace, inspired, and happy, and we wanted to bring those feelings back into our new home!

Below is a quick little mood-board I’m working on to demonstrate the feel we’re going for. Kind of a mix of mid-century modern and island coastal?? Who knows.

New Home Mood Board

Couch | Chair | Rug | Print

I’ve tried to stick to a few specific colors that I love, and add in different textures through items like the woven rug and rattan chair. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m keeping my options open, but this is where I think we’re headed.

The places we stayed in and visited in Hawaii felt relaxed and functional. They brought the outdoors in with loads of exposed wood and rattan, floral prints, and tropical plants. The interiors also had lots of color! But I’m leaning more toward whites, creams, and neutrals for our home. It helps make the darker rooms feel bright and fresh!

Here are a few photos from Pinterest that inspired me.

Mood board

01. Source Link | 02. Source Link | 03. Source Link | 04. Source Link | 05. Source Link | 06. Source Link

If you’re interested to see more, you can follow me on Pinterest! I have a different mood-board for each room on my account that I’ve been adding to. 🙂

Thank you for reading and following along!


Links from the mood-board:

Couch | Chair | Rug | Print