Holiday gift guide map

Christmas shopping is in full swing now. With a family of travelers, I’ve grown up seeing anything from hiking socks to first aid kits on Christmas lists. I mean, when others are asking for gift ideas, now is a prime time to start collecting the gear you’ll need for your next adventure! Below I’ve got some of the essentials (and luxuries) listed in this gift guide for the adventurer in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurer


1. Mexican Blanket: What’s an adventure without a picnic? And what’s a picnic without a Mexican blanket?

2. The North Face Ball Cap: Any ol’ ball cap will do. But this one looks nice.

3. Tinted Lip Balm: Every single time I go out West, my lips get chapped. So I’m stocking up now!

4. Keep It Rad Patch: Not really an essential, but somehow still an essential. Am I right?

5. Small First Aid Kit: Safety has always been a big deal in my house, so I wasn’t about to leave this off the list. (This is for you, Dad!)

6. Patagonia Crew T-Shirt: Breathable clothing is a must when hiking, and you get bonus points if its cute!

7. Osprey Aura Pack: I can’t recommend Osprey packs enough. Function, quality, design, all top notch. Also, lifetime warranty.

8. Underarmour Headband: To keep the hair out of your face and your ears warm!

9. Hydro-Flask: I use this bottle all the time, and I am still always surprised at how well it keeps my water cold.

10. Barebones Living Forest Lantern: Everyone needs a lantern when camping, and I’ve heard good things about this one. Small, functional, and has rechargeable batteries.

11. SmartWool Hiking Socks: These are my best hiking socks. N’ough said.

12. Pocket Notebook: To journal about your travels. I’ve loved reading over my entries and having all the memories flood back.

13. Patagonia Sweater: Oh to have one of these… Maybe one day.

14. Leather Backpack: For when your adventures call you to the city.

15. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow: When I’m backpacking, I’ve only ever used a sleeping bag sack filled with clothes as a pillow, so this would definitely be a luxury.