Its a new year, and with it comes the feeling of freshness and new mercies. Eric and I have taken some time over that last couple of days to reflect on some of the blessings God brought us in 2017. Its crazy how much can change in one year, and when I sit down and think about all that has happened I’m a little bit in awe. Sure, there were some terrible, hard times in 2017, but there were also some beautiful and wonderful times as well. Looking back, I can see God’s answers to many of my prayers.

We also took some time to write down some of our goals and dreams for 2018. Its kind of refreshing to think of habits you’d like to start or change, areas you’d like to grow, and aspects of your life that you know need to be reprioritized. I hope I can actually accomplish some of these.

Here are a few of the items I came up with.

       |Blessings of 2017|
  1. Married Eric Daniel Burket.
  2. Planned my dream wedding with my mom.
  3. Got a full-time job (with Fridays off!).
  4. Traveled to California and Virginia.
  5. Decorated our first apartment.
  6. Celebrated our first Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas together.
  7. Successfully cooked Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Chimichangas, and Apple Crisp.
  8. Got my very own pack.
  9. Spent some wonderful time with friends and family.
  10. Bought a pair of high heels (a big deal for me).
  11. Sang O Holy Night for the church (something I never thought I could do).
  12. Kept 2 plants alive.
  13. Started a blog.
  14. Made friends at work.
      |Goals and Dreams for 2018|
  1. Shape my time alone with God into something that fits our unique relationship.
  2. Find joy in the ministries I’m a part of.
  3. Invest in relationships with family and friends.
  4. Be active everyday.
  5. Find my worth and confidence in Christ, rather than others’ opinions of me.
  6. Hone in on my photography style.
  7. Post more consistently on my blog and find my unique perspective.
  8. Continue to make travel a priority.
  9. Try new things and go new places with Eric.
  10. Learn to cook more meals.
  11. Read and finish many more books.
  12. Find time to dance again.
  13. Learn to love fiercely.