Farmer’s market days are the best days, especially when you unexpectedly run into your best friends (a.k.a. sisters). Eric and I have been trying to take it a little easy more on the weekends, and this fits the bill.

If you’re ever in the Winter Garden area, I highly recommend the farmers market in downtown Winter Garden. It happens every Saturday and its always filled with amazing vendors selling farm fresh produce, baked goods, jewelry, woven totes, art pieces, and so many more goods and services.

Of course there are also the crazy good food vendors as well. Hello, kettle corn. Eric almost always gets a plate lunch from a Hawaiian food vendor that he RAVES about. There are tons of options!

Anyways, here are a few links that piqued my interest recently.

What Piqued My Interest

1. Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess, just opened a beautifully designed AirBnB property. If you’re planning a trip to Nashville, check it out!

2. So it looks like the band Young The Giant is planning a fall tour. I’m thinking a mini road trip to Atlanta is in the works 😉

3. I’m not totally into the Star Wars fandom, but this hotel is sounding pretty insane. I mean, you get actual costumes….

4. Just ordered this book, I’m looking forward to reading it up on our upcoming flights to Michigan.

5. So….I caved and bought another Hydroflask. Yikes! But this one is a lot smaller than the one I’ve got so it fits in my handbag a lot easier. Also, its white, which is great. 🙂

6. Eric and I are working at checking off items on our Summer Bucket List! He’s already started teaching me to surf. I’m definitely not a natural, hahah, but here’s to hoping I’ll get there one day.






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