It’s September now, which means it’s finally fall; my favorite season of the year. Even though the temps are still in the upper 90s here, I refuse to let this season and all its wonderful activities pass by without me taking full advantage. So that means all the baking, crafts, orange, red, and brown are happening over at our home.

I hope you don’t mind that this list is completely full of autumn themes. That’s just what is piquing my interest currently!

Here’s What Piqued My Interest:

01. I know there isn’t really “autumn music” the same way there is Christmas music, but this Billie Holiday mix is working pretty well for us this season.

02. Eric and I are starting to decorate for fall now. We’ve only got a garland of autumn leaves so far, but I’m chomping at the bit to get my cinnamon broom from Publix. Steffy’s living room is my inspiration!

03. We just finished creating our Autumn Bucket List, found on A Beautiful Mess. Goodness, if we can get half the things done on this list, it will be a fun couple of months!

04. A few days ago I baked some Cinnamon Candied Almonds and they are tasty! I’m pretty sure Eric had 2 cups worth that afternoon. Here’s the recipe I used!

05. This fall Eric and I created workout plans for each other, based off of our body types. We are about three weeks in and it’s been awesome! Hopefully this will get us ready to take on all those holiday treats. 🙂

06. Right now I’m on the look-out for a good pair of fall boots. Got any you like?

07. We picked up two candles from Anthropologie a couple weeks ago. One is Pumpkin Clove and the other is Spiced Cider. Both of these smell incredible separately. But let me tell you, when these are lit together, their mixed scent is absolutely heavenly. Eric and I have never been so in love with a smell before.

08. Do you follow me on Pinterest? I’ll probably be pinning all the fall things now.

09. Last Fall I tried making a mixed berry pie and I sorely failed. I think I’ve healed from the embarrassment and I’m ready to try again. This recipe looks promising.

10. I think it would be really fun to have a Friendsgiving this year. We’ve done it in the past and loved the fellowship and time with close friends. These are some Easy Friendsgiving Hosting Tips if you’re interested too!

Fall Fall