The last few days have been so refreshing. Eric and I have been able to spend a lot of time together lately, and its been so good for us. Our schedules can get pretty booked and a little overwhelming at times. We both realized we needed a couple days to step away and just enjoy each other’s company. Back to the things the matter most!

I’m trying to add a little more organization and routine to my life, and I think that will be one of my goals for the month of May. There are so many things I’d like to accomplish in a day, and I just can’t do everything. But maybe if I’m better at managing my time and planning out my tasks, I could get more done than before? Its worth a try, right?!

So, here is a list of what has piqued my interest as of late, especially in regards to giving my life more of a routine!

What Piqued My Interest

1. I thought it would be nice to start ending my day with a little stretching or simply yoga. Sometimes I wake up really sore from a work-out the day before, so I’m hoping this could help that. Last time I followed along with this Yoga For Complete Beginners video and it was so nice!

2. I’m seriously considering starting my own bullet journal for work tasks, and maybe my home life too? I’ve heard great things about it. Maybe its time to give it a chance.

3. If you read what my April Monthly Goals were you’d see that I have been trying to spend time along with God each day. When I make time for this in the morning it truly starts my day off right!

4. In the same vein, I mentioned in my new year’s resolutions that I’d like to better hone in on what my unique time alone with God will look like. I’m definitely still figuring that out, but so far this book has been included in my devotionals. It’s an encouraging and thought-provoking way of looking at the Proverbs each day.

5. Lately I’ve been trying to get up earlier so I can do a little workout or go to the gym before work. It is SO hard getting out of bed so early (we’re talking 4:00-5:00 am depending on my plan), but it is even nicer coming home and not having to go out again to work out (ugh). So, I’m reading these tips to help wake up earlier. Check out #7! Maybe I’m doing something right! Also, I am more than willing to do #11!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Here’s to organization and accomplishing more!