I’m glad you stopped by!  For several years I’ve wanted to start a blog, but haven’t because it seemed so daunting. I’m pretty notorious for starting things and never finishing them, but I’m giving it a go, hoping my sisters’ persistence will rub off on me.

Here in Florida, it rains almost everyday over summer (which is kind of ironic to me), and rainy days have always brought me peace. Growing up home-schooled gave my family the freedom to travel year-round.
Our most loved trips were hiking in National Parks.  Both trails and thunderstorms have been a part of my life since I can remember, so I think its safe to say that I am of trails and thunderstorms. Hence the name of my blog.

Traveling and adventure is all the rage over here in our home. Exploring new places and returning to old favorites feeds my soul and reveals more of God’s character and love to us. In the same breath, I love having a place I can call home. There is more of the Lord to be discovered and loved in the complexity of relationships,  the calmness of routine, and the quiet moments at home. I believe its possible, and healthy, to have both of these elements encompassed in your life. So, here’s to embracing adventure while cherishing home!


Say “Hello!” I’d truly love to get to know you.


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