Every so often I like to share different bloggers or instagramers who have really inspired or encouraged me lately. I’m a total beginner in this field. It can be tempting to compare myself to every other blogger, or feel like I need to compete, but that’s just not the case.

There’s room enough for all of us in this space, and the more we encourage and uplift those around us who are taking this chance too, the move positive this space will become!

Lately I’ve been making more of an effort to engage with these bloggers. All too often I scroll through their post or Instagram feed, and many times loving what they’ve shared, without taking the time to engage with it. Now I’ve set a new challenge for myself. If I see someone’s content and it sparks a positive thought or feeling in me, I’m going to tell them! I’ve really appreciated when folks take time to comment on my blog posts or photos, its encouraging and it definitely helps support my blog’s growth. It’s important for me to do the same for others!

So, I’m going to go through a few of the bloggers that I’ve been following lately that have really stood out from the pack to me. They’re using their platform to sprout joy, empowerment, and creativity, which I’m all for. 


01. Ashley Petrone at Arrows & Bow 

I found her Instagram a while back and was blown away at her authenticity. She’s a DIY blogger, always coming up with the most genius and beautiful projects. It really makes me so excited to {hopefully} own my own home one day and take on some of these with Eric! In addition to DIY projects, she shares a great deal of her family and life through her blog and Instagram, the lessons she’s learned and is still learning. Something she refers to and encourages a lot is intentionality in whatever you do; something I’m trying to instill in myself. I always come away from her posts feeling joyful and inspired. 


02. Ginger Parrish – The Parrish Place 

Could there be a sweeter blogger? I’m not sure. Ginger is kind of the “Jack of All Trades” blogger, sharing things like travel, lifestyle, family, and fashion content, not to mention she owns her own {amazing} hat company, Gigi Pip. I’ve loved following her family’s adventures. They’re always going to cool places like Dubai or Cancun. This summer her family is fixing up a Sprinter van to travel and road trip around the U.S., which is basically like one of my dreams. So, I’m living vicariously through them right now, haha. Ginger is so kind and relatable, like one of those people that you know you would instantly be best friends with if you ever met in person. You know what I mean?


03. Heather – HBGoodie 

If you’re searching for a beautiful, refreshing, and inspiring blog to follow, look no further than HBGoodie. In terms of quality content, Heather is up there with the best of them. Sometime bloggers (myself included) seem to get hung up on spinning out content constantly and tend to focus on quantity rather than quality; not Heather though. Her posts often center around her life in Hawai’i, including topics like travel, photography, running a successful business, fitness…the works. I’ve been able to learn so much from Heather in terms of photography and editing as well as developing a brand that will last long-term. My best tip would be to sign up for her email list! She sends the most helpful guides and she won’t spam you!

If you’d like to check out some of my other favorite blogs that I shared a while back, you can view this post!