Blogs have been one of my favorite reading options for a while now. I remember the first blog I ever read and being captivated by the beautiful photographs, valuable content, and personality that can be found in so many of them. The balance of visual appeal and influential writing has hooked me ever since.

I’ve followed a slew of different blogs over the years, some for a short time as my interests have flowed from topic to topic. Of course there are a few that have stayed with me from the first time I read from it, ones I check for updates on almost everyday (guilty!).

My hope is that one day Of Trails and Thunderstorms can be like that for you; a source of valuable information, encouragement, and inspiration.  It might take a while, but its worth the work if I can make some sort of an impact!

I digress…here are some of the blogs I’m currently following! If you’ve found a great one, share the link in the comments so I can follow too!


Blogs On My Radar



A Beautiful Mess was the first blog I ever read. I originally heard about it first through a feature on ModCloth about 8 -9 years ago (wow!). This beautiful blog is founded by sisters Elsie and Emma focusing on DIY projects, healthy living, and lifestyle content. These girl bosses have done some incredible things through this blog, including designing and donating a stunning home to Habitat For Humanity and starting their own line of products called Oui Fresh! Their content is top quality every single day and has been a big inspiration in my own blog journey.


New Darlings is a stunning blog founded by husband and wife due, Robert and Christina. Its a lifestyle blog mainly focusing on home decor, fashion, and travel. Let me tell you, their photos and design work is especially visually appealing. I have definitely appreciated how clear and steadfast their brand has been from the very beginning. Their signature style is lovely! I’ve especially enjoyed looking through their Downtown Phoenix City Guide (take me there, please!)


I first stumbled on to Katie Did What when I was really sick and couldn’t sleep. It may have been whatever virus that was going through my body at the time, but honestly when I found out she was a stay-at-home mom and blogging full-time a wave rushed over me. My dream is to one day blog full time (not just in the evening after work) and be a stay-at-home mom and here this woman was making it work, and thriving! Reading her blog has given me so much encouragement ever since to keep working hard in hopes that one day it will pay off. She has a beautiful family and I love how unashamedly she shares about her faith in our Lord.


Some of you may be familiar with Mary Kate Roberston from Duck Dynasty. I’ve actually never watched the show, but discovered Mary Kate on Instagram and then found her blog. Her photos are so fun and authentic and her writing is straight from the heart. I almost always leave her blog feeling encouraged and empowered.


I’ve followed Rebecca’s blog, A Clothes Horse, of and on for several years now. She always draws me back in with her dreamy photos and vintage style. A lot of my outfit inspiration came from her back in the day and some of my favorite dresses I found through her blog. Her hair tutorials are some of my favorites and she actually often shares them on A Beautiful Mess! She recently moved to a delightful little town in Ireland with her husband. What a life!