Its April! With a new month comes a fresh start, and that means jotting down some personal monthly goals. Goals have been so valuable in my life. They keep me motivated and proactive, and if I accomplish them, they give me a reason to celebrate!

LIFE GOALSAt the beginning of 2018, I listed out some dreams and goals for the year. I like to refer back to my goals when I feel the days wearing on. They put me back on track and give me something to work towards. Some of them are easily measurable, which makes it easy to track your success. Others are less measurable and more intuitive, and that’s okay. After some thought and discussion with Eric, here are my 5 goals for the month of April. Bring it on, I’m ready to get it in gear!

April Monthly Goals

1. Make time everyday to spend alone with God.

This is incredibly important, but somehow so easy to push aside until “later.” Not anymore. If my faith is really a priority in my life, I need to make this a priority in my day. I’m looking forward to drawing nearer to God through my devotions and time with Him. Learning more about His character and ways I can glorify and enjoy Him.

2. Read at least 1 book for pleasure.

Gone are the days when the only literature I had time to read were textbooks. Now that I actually have a little more time for pleasure reading, I find myself starting, but not finishing books all the time. Hopefully this month I can find one I enjoy enough to follow through with. Any suggestions?

3. Continue being active as well as making healthy meal choices.

Donuts, pizza, french fries, BBQ chips…they are calling my name, I can hear it! Since the New Year I’ve done pretty well with staying active and watching more closely the foods I’m putting into my body.  I can definitely sense a change in my energy and attitude, and that is motivating! Here’s to not letting this stop in April!

4. Blog more consistently.

Yeah, I kind of dropped the ball in March. Sorry. But I’m picking it back up in April! I’ve got a new notebook (I feel like new notebooks/journals solve everything problem) full of ideas so get ready to read.

5. Embrace vulnerability and take steps towards building stronger friendships.

This is one of those, “hard to measure” goals, but still important. It takes a friend to have friend, and I think I need to be a better friend. It’s hard to be vulnerable and open up, but often others can relate and bridges are built. Hopefully I can do better at it this month.

What are some of your goals for April? I’d love to know.