Ways to Dress as a Gold Coast Strippers

Gold Coast is home to a number of strip clubs and nude bars. Given the idea that it is a coastal city that houses specific adult entertainment sensations, it demands nothing but the best from top waitresses and exotic dancers that intend to serve such entertainment. Being a top waitress Gold Coast features, come with a number of requirements.

In this piece, we shall be considering the ways to dress as an excellent stripper. For starters, you should know that stripping isn’t just about your killer physique and flexibility. The right dressing also goes a long way in ensuring you appear quite professional. Having a great body is sexy, but matching those curves with the right dressing styles is ‘sexier.’ 

However, dressing for a stripper isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. You are also at liberty to include your personal style and preference. Still, you should also know the basic dressing patterns of an ideal stripper. To be quite an attractive top waitress at Gold Coast features, you should be acquainted with the following basic dressing ideas.


Heels for strippers are appropriate, but the length of the heel should extend from 3 to 6 inches. Such heels may be quite uncomfortable for you to stand on while stripping. Thus, it is best you go for shoes with soles and heels of the plastic-1 piece. 

This will be less discomforting and durable. To make it better you could also stick pads on the bottom to reduce discomfort. Moreover, in stripping with such high heel shoes, there are some things you must be aware of:

  • Try not to overstep or push yourself. If you aren’t used or never liked walking on high heel shoes, you could make out time to gradually learn it. This will save you the time, trouble, and stress you’ll have to go through in walking in such heels without any form of practice. 
  • Molding plastic shoes to your feet’s shape with a blow drier is also a way to go. You could easily make the plastic soft with some warm air, put on the shoe when it isn’t hot, and gently mold it to your feet’s shape before leaving it to cool off. 
  • Ensure you procure the most comfortable heels while shopping for your stripping items and accessories. By default, heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes to put on, but you’ll be glad you had comfort in mind while purchasing it. 


Many strippers prefer dancing bottoms, in that they are specifically designed for stripping purposes. You shouldn’t have the idea that normal bikini bottoms and undies will do just fine. As a topless waitress Gold Coast features, you’d very much love to look sexier than a regular housewife. So, regular undies won’t do. Here are some undies ideas you could include:

  • Lace and neon colors are perfect
  • G-strings isn’t really worn by strippers, given the stringent state laws on the covering of a specific amount of skin. 
  • You should go for appropriate erotic quality dancewear. They should be of more quality and durable than regular undies. You could purchase such products from websites such as BodyKandi, Yandy, and the likes.  
  • You shouldn’t forget your preferences. Ensure you put on what reassures you of your ‘sexiness.’


As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a one-way pattern of dressing like a stripper. Gold Coast’s nude bars and strip clubs have their specific charms and to match such a sexy atmosphere, it is only fitting you look the part! 

To be an excellent topless waitress Gold Coast features, you must dress in a way that makes you look and feel attractive and sexy. However, some factors to consider include: 

Color: Black, red, and neon. These colors are quite common and dramatic. As common as they are, they still give off a sexy ‘feel.’ More so, you should also consider what colors best match your skin tone. To be specific, you should try as much as possible to avoid white clothes. A majority of Gold Coast clubs feature black lights and this isn’t a very good match with white dresses. Click here to read about What it Was Like to Work as a Stripper in Gold Coast During the Heat of the Pandemic.

Fit: This factor is quite essential as tight-fitting clothes give off lots of sexy vibes. Short bottoms and low-cut tops are equally excellent. 

Style: Ensure your dress style is quite attractive and appealing. You could put on a low-cut shirt, with a mini-skirt a garter belt, and some good heels. 

Fabric: You should ensure you put on fabrics that ensure you are free to pull off crazy and sexy dance moves. Fabrics such as Distressed Denim, Daisy Dukes, and the likes are okay. More so, transparent dresses could also come in pretty handy in giving you that sexy look. 


Many strippers prefer stripping without any accessories or jewelry as it could actually get in the way of their performance. As a topless stripper Gold Coast features, you should be open to some positive changes. There are some you could try: 

  • You could try piercings as long as they don’t obstruct you in any way. Having your nose or navel pierced is a viable option. Small hoops and studs are just the perfect piercing style in that it has the least tendency of getting stuck or caught on things. 
  • Ensure you go for accessories and jewelries that sparkle. The bling will surely be made more profound by the disco lights. 
  • Adding hair fixations will allow you flip your hair in a sexy way. 
  • Throwing in a garter belt will give you this old-school thingy look
  • Wearing fishnet stockings is also quite sexy and attractive.

These are some of the dressing ideas that you could actually include while dressing for a performance. 


Of course, strippers don’t make themselves up. They’ll surely need a makeup artist’s service to accomplish that sexy look. Thankfully, the internet is riddled with many tutorial videos on making up and you just have to find the perfect makeup style that fits your stripping job.

However, as an excellent topless waitress Gold Coast features, there are some makeup perks you must be aware of. 

  • Cat eyes
  • Fake eyelashes and mascara (thick)
  • Highly arched eyebrows
  • Glossy lips (red, wine or black)
  • Foundations of liberal layers and concealer to mask skin deficiencies


Dressing as a stripper isn’t a clear-cut process. You could be quite creative, but the basics as highlighted and explained above should be considered.   


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Right now, the strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols in Gold Coast has loosened up, but as of last year when the pandemic was sweeping through countries in a rapid fashion, it was quite a difficult time for strippers. Being a stripper Gold Coast featured, you’ll have had to observe many protocols that negatively affected the profitability of the stripping job.

This piece is simply to let you know the downsides of the nature of the stripping job, especially with a pandemic or plague terribly ravaging on.  

To start with, masks were a mandatory accessory to be worn at all times in strip clubs and nude bars. This included workers and customers. Thus, this ruled off the sexy smiles and faces strippers used to get potential clients. It even affected the turn-up percentage of people in clubs as the avoidance of crowded areas became the status quo. 

What it was Like to Work as a Stripper in Gold Coast During the Heat of the Pandemic

As a stripper Gold Coast had, you could easily profit from a bunch of loud, and gay extravagant men drowning their sorrows with just an hour in the club before making it home for the weekend. But during that period, it was rare to find such a large party of men. It even became more difficult to make decent tips from customers, given the economic depression brought about by the pandemic. 

However, this didn’t stop a lot of strippers, given the fact that it might have been their only income source, especially with the problems of the pandemic. In many strip joints, and nude bars, many strippers still performed with the dwindling crowd and they were ready to risk a night on the town for some cash, no matter how small. 

Then the worse happened.


Dancing for almost an empty room was terrible, but being compelled by the government to stay home was much worse. The stay-at-home order made the financial difficulty all the more depressing especially for single moms who were stripped for a living. 

It was first rumored that clubs will be shutting down. Though, it wasn’t really discussed as many didn’t want it to happen until it did. Given the fact that Gold Coast is among the reputable strip areas around the globe, it became a big deal culturally. The lockdown really put a pause on things. 


It really placed a strain on single moms and women that were largely supporting their families. Being a stripper Gold Coast featured as at then, was, indeed, damn depressing. A lot of strippers were compelled to hang out with regular clienteles outside nude bars, and clubs just to make money, no matter how small. 

This was technically how most strippers got through that terrible phase. Those who could get some money and things to sustain them did and were lucky while those that couldn’t venture into online money-making jobs. 


Financially, now is better by far. Saying it is, is even an understatement. Before the pandemic, professional strippers on an average weekend night were getting within $2,000 to $3,000. Minimally, weekdays were around $1,000. 

During the pandemic, weekday earnings for newbie strippers were below $300, but for professionals who already had regulars, they could make up to $1,000. Right now, it has improved as the COVID-19 protocols have been somewhat relaxed. 


This resulted in an influx of strippers back to their strip clubs and nude bars. As much as the COVID-19 protocols were still being enforced, it was nice to return to work again. 


You’ll encounter lots of things being a stripper Gold Coast features. Even during the heat of the pandemic, many customers wanted the strippers they hire to go without the nose mask. Many customers were going through a covid-denial phase and as such, they treated strippers with the mindset that the pandemic wasn’t as deadly as it was made out to be. 


It was quite awkward as every stripper in every corner of nude bars and strip clubs were on nose masks. It was really difficult to find out if one likes you without giving a smile as a signal. Thus, body language was the next alternative. 

What it was Like to Work as a Stripper in Gold Coast During the Heat of the Pandemic

Unfortunately, managers became stricter as they prohibited their strippers from accepting tips from customers who weren’t on their face masks. As safe as this could be, it became a stumbling block preventing strippers from making cash. 

Also dancing with a mask is also exhausting as you’ll get so lightheaded as a result of having your breath trapped. It was really difficult for every stripper Gold Coast had then.


Of course, lap dances were allowed. Practicing social distancing in a strip club or nude bar is next to impossible. Many strippers baby-wiped after giving customers lap dances so as to be safe from any potential viral infection. 


During the heat of the pandemic, people were more concerned about the unfortunate financial situation they had been plunged into rather than the fear of being infected with the virus. However, it was rumored that some strippers and strip club managers contracted the virus. It became a reality for some of them but was simply rumors for the rest. 


At the heart of the pandemic, nobody brought it up as it was a buzzkill.


During the pandemic, the stripping career suffered as a result of the stringent governmental laws enforced for the safety of the masses. Visit http://oftrailsandthunderstorms.com/ways-to-dress-as-a-gold-coast-stripper/ to learn about Ways to Dress as a Gold Coast Strippers.

For Gold Coast, however, thankfully it has loosened up. Every career has its downsides one way or the other, and if you intend to go into the adult entertainment industry as a stripper, it’s best you know how it could be affected. Being a stripper Gold Coast had then was quite tough, but thankfully, it’s passed.

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t really passed. Thus, it’s best you try to observe safety and hygienic measures if you are a stripper or intend to go into it. May the pandemic get nonexistent!